Collaborating with Graham over the years has been a joy. I truly think he can do anything. He’s always able to compliment the artistry and bring out the best in scenes. On each project it’s fun to see him dig in and find something new.
— Richard linklater
Film soundtracks are most often difficult beasts to love, because they’re generally so episodic that there’s little compositional development or time to build up genuine mood. Reynolds’ soundtrack bucks that tendency terrifically, with an entirely instrumental album that holds your attention from the first few notes, keeps it for the best part of an hour’s duration, and makes you want to come directly back for more.
— Witch Doctor, NZ
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After many experimental shorts and several live scores for silent films, Graham’s first feature film score was The Journeyman (2001), a grim, Sergio Leone-inspired western featuring Willie Nelson. His relationship with iconic independent film director Richard Linklater (Slacker, Dazed and Confused, School of Rock), started with a simple piano score for the documentary short, “Live from Shiva’s Dance Floor” in 2003. Not long after, Linklater asked Graham to score A Scanner Darkly (2006), which Linklater was adapting from the Philip K. Dick novel. Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, and Winona Ryder starred in the rotoscoped film. The score, which featured acoustic instruments and electric guitar processed through computer effects, was declared “Best Soundtrack of the Decade” by Cinema Retro Magazine. Completing and releasing A Scanner Darkly changed Graham’s life, propelling his musical career forward. A consistent number of collaborations with Linklater have followed: Bernie (2011) starring Jack Black, which required totally different music - hymns, strings, country; Up to Speed (2012), starring Speed Levitch and broadcast by Hulu; Before Midnight (2013), the third of Linklater’s deeply personal romantic trilogy featuring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, which required a spare, intimate sound and premiered at Sundance. Graham has also continued work with a variety of other collaborators apart from Linklater, including The Diplomat (2015) for HBO and Rooster Teeth’s series Day 5 (2016-2017). Beyond his scoring work with major collaborators, Graham has composed and performed several live scores for silent films, including Battleship Potemkin (1925), Nosferatu (1922), Wings (1927), Metropolis (1927) and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lodger (1927).

a non-exhaustive list of graham’s credits in the realm of film & TV:

2017 Last Flag Flying | Amazon Studios, Director: Richard Linklater

2017 The Secret Life of Lance Letscher | Kristi Frazier, Director: Sandra Adair

2017 The Honor Farm | Louis Black, Sandy K. Boone, Nicolas Gonda, Morgan Coy, Director: Karen Skloss

2017 Day 5 (Season 2) | Rooster Teeth Productions, Creators: Josh Flanagan, Chris Demarais, Matt Hullum

2017 Dell Computers | Custom Music Track for 8k Monitor campaign

2016 Richard Linklater: Dream Is Destiny | Arts and Labor, Director: Louis Black

2016 Starving the Beast | Railyard Films, Director: Steve Mims

2016 At the Fork | Crossover Productions, Director: John Papola

2016 Day 5 (Season 1) | Rooster Teeth Productions, Creators: Josh Flanagan, Chris Demarais, Matt Hullum

2016 The Eternal | Revelator Productions, Director: Daniel Stuyck

2016 Lisa Colagrossi Foundation | Track License for “There is a Story” PSA

2015 The Diplomat | HBO Films, Director: David Holbrooke, Airdate Fall 2015 on HBO.

2015 A Single Frame | Spiral Films, Director: Brandon Dickerson

2015 Oude Meester Brandy | Custom Music Track for “Mastery in the Making” starring Idris Elba

2014 21 Years: Richard Linklater | Wood Entertainment, Directors: Michael Dunaway, Tara Wood

2014 Dior | Track License for “Be Dior” starring Jennifer Lawrence

2013 Before Midnight | Sony Picture Classics, Director: Richard Linklater | Release Date May 24, 2013 (USA), June/July 2013 (International).

2013 All Is Bright | GreeneStreet Films, Director: Phil Morrison

2013 Stand Up Planet | KCETLink, Director: David Munro

2013 Hotline (Short) | Directors: Deva Blaisdell-Anderson, Lee Miller

2013 Far Marfa | Director: Cory Van Dyke

2012 Holy Hell | Bayou Radio Productions, Director: Rafael Antonio Ruiz

2012 Up to Speed | Cinetic Media, Director: Richard Linklater

2012 Shepard & Dark | Director: Treva Wurmfeld

2012 Saturday Morning Mystery | Arts and Labor, Director: Spencer Parsons

2012 Trash Dance | Director: Andrew Garrison

2012 Nikola Tesla - Visionary of Modern Times | Rich and Famous Films, Director: Michael Krause

2011 Bernie | Millennium Films, Director: Richard Linklater

2011 Five Time Champion | The Bear Media, Director Berndt Mader

2011 Incendiary: The Willingham Case | Yokel, LLC, Director: Joe Bailey Jr., Steve Mims

2011 P.O.V. | American Documentary, Director: Ramona S. Diaz

2010 Cubik (Short) | Brenizer Fanthome Films, Director: Jason Brenizer

2009 Holy Hell | Bayou Radio Productions, Director: Rafael Antonio Ruiz

2008 I’ll Come Running | Film Science, Director: Spencer Parsons

2008 This Place | Walkie Talkie Production, Director: Kala Philo

2007 All About Tesla: The Research | Maxim Film, Director: Michael Krause

2006 Nobelity (Additional Music) | FFM Media, Director: Turk Pipkin

2006 Gretchen | Film Science, Director: Steve Collins

2006 My Electric Bill (Short) | 824 Pictures, Director: Chris Ohlson

2006 One Summer in Austin: The Story of Filming ‘A Scanner Darkly’ | Producer and Director: Eric Matthies

2006 A Scanner Darkly | Warner Independent Pictures, Director: Richard Linklater

2006 The Weight of the Line: Animation Tales | Eric Matthies Productions, Director: Eric Matthies

2005 Cremains (Short) | Microcinema International, Director: Chris Ohlson

2003 The Meat Market (Short) | 824 Pictures, Director: Chris Ohlson

2003 Lonelyland | Sundance Channel, Director: Steve Collins

2003 Moonlight by the Sea | SRS Cinema, Director: Justin Hennard

2002 I Love You (Short) | 824 Pictures, Director: Chris Ohlson

2001 The Astronomer (Short) | Hypnotic Films, Director: Lance Meyers

2001 The Journeyman | Contrabando LLC, Director: James Crowley