Image for Forklift Danceworks’ Served @ Williams College

Sep 23

Forklift Danceworks’ Served @ Williams College

Forklift Danceworks’ Served is a dance for campus employees, created through a multi-visit residency at a host college or university. Featuring an original score by Graham Reynolds, the dance is the skilled movement of a distinct group of employees, such as dishwashers, custodians, physical plant staff, or maintenance crews, the dance will highlight the virtuosic work life of staff as performed by the employees themselves. Broadening awareness of the contributions of employees to campus life, Served aims to create a greater sense of community by allowing students, staff, and faculty to address equity and build connection through a community-based dance-making process.


ServedĀ will premiere at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, in February 2018. Following the premiere, Forklift Danceworks will tour the Served process to create new works at partnering universities such as Wake Forest University and the University of Houston.