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Jun 21

Belle Redux

When asked how creating music for a ballet was different than some of the film scores he has written, Reynolds responded, “Every time the process is a little bit different. Also, as technology evolves, the tools are different too. One of the goals of this was supposed to be innovation as part of the 3M commission. I tried to use all of these tools in my toolbox and dig around.” He continued, “…instead of a handful of music cues spread throughout this larger piece of art, there is music in a ballet, of course, the whole time. The entire sonic audio world is being told by the score, rather than by dialogue, and sound effects, and music, etc.”

“Reynolds’ captivating score — a multi-layered edgy gem of pre-recorded finesse — contrasted electronically ethereal sounds with blasting moments of percussive earthiness. A poignant romantic melody laced throughout, emerging with particularly heart feltness in a string quartet midway through.” -Austin American Statesman