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This Place (Walkie Talkie Productions)

Director: Kala Philo
Producer: Worth Kilcrease

Moonlight by the Sea (SRS Cinema)

Director: Justin Hennard
Producer: Gonzalo Gonzalez
Starring: Sean Allen, Mylinda Royer, Kingsly Martin

Nobelity (additional music) (FFM Media)

Director: Turk Pipkin Producers: John McCall, Christy Pipkin
Starring: Wangari Maathai, Turk Pipkin, Joseph Rotblat

Shepard & Dark (Music Box Films)

Director: Treva Wurmfeld
Producers: Sandra Adair, Amy Hobby, Emily Wachtel
Starring: Sam Shepard, Johnny Dark

The Astronomer (Hypnotic Films)

Director: Lance Meyers
Producer: Lance Meyers
Starring: David Blackwell

One Summer in Austin: The Story of Filming ‘A Scanner Darkly’ (Eric Matthies Productions)

Director: Eric Matthies
Starring: Philip K. Dick, Tommy Pallotta, Isa Dick Hackett

A Scanner Darkly

Graham’s innovative score to Richard Linklater’s adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel has been widely acclaimed as one of the best film scores of the decade.

Cremains (Microcinema International)

Director: Chris Ohlson
Starring: Steve Shearer

The Weight of the Line: Animation Tales (Eric Matthies Productions)

Director: Eric Matthies
Starring: Tommy Pallotta, Shane F. Kelly, Richard Linklater

The Journeyman

A beautiful score to an emotionally charged tale steeped in realism that balances the grim and the gritty, emitting a perfect balance of influences from spaghetti western to Stravinsky to amorphic soundscape.

The Meat Market (824 Pictures)

Director: Chris Ohlson
Producer: Lilian Ojeda
Starring: Nathan Zellner, David Zellner, Paul Norton

Starving the Beast

Starving the Beast is a film by Steve Mims and Bill Banowsky, was an official selection of the 2016 SXSW Film Festival, it examines the on-going power struggle on college campuses across
the nation as political and market-oriented forces push to disrupt and reform America’s
public universities. The film documents a philosophical shift that seeks to reframe public
higher education as a ‘value proposition’ to be borne by the beneficiary of a college
degree rather than as a ‘public good’ for society. Financial winners and losers emerge in a
struggle poised to profoundly change public higher education. The film focuses on
dramas playing out at the University of Wisconsin, University of Virginia, University of
North Carolina, Louisiana State University, University of Texas and Texas A&M.

Five Time Champion (The Bear Media)

Director: Berndt Mader
Producers: Berndt Mader, Ezra Venetos
Starring: Ryan Akin, Justin Arnold, Jill Blackwood

I Love You (824 Pictures)

Director: Chris Ohlson
Producers: Jose Lauro Mata, Lilian Ojeda
Starring: David Zellner, Erin Franklin

Day Five

Day 5 is the first dramatic series from Rooster Teeth Productions, set in the immediate aftermath of a fatal sleep epidemic. After a fortuitous drug bender saves his life, addict Jake (Jesse C. Boyd) ventures out into the quiet streets… unaware that most of the world already died in their beds. Now, battling sleepless fatigue and encroaching delirium, Jake teams with a scrappy teenager (Walker Satterwhite), overnight doctor (Stephanie Drapeau) and red-eye pilot (Davi Jay) to search for answers… and just maybe find a way to sleep again. Set in a world of insomniacs, late-shift workers and roving psychotics, Day 5 presents a unique vision of the apocalypse that fuses serial drama and thriller around a human story of survival and redemption.

Cubik (Brenizer Fanthome Films)

Director: Jason Brenizer
Producers: Jason Brenizer, Stefan Fanthome
Starring: Fish Chaar, Stefan Fanthome, Laura Kee

Trash Dance

Director: Andrew Garrison
Producers: Andrew Garrison
Starring: Virginia Alexander, Don Anderson, others

At The Fork

Filmmaker and omnivore John Papola, together with his vegetarian wife Lisa, offer up a timely and refreshingly unbiased look at how farm animals are raised for our consumption. With unprecedented access to large-scale conventional farms, Papola asks the tough questions behind every hamburger, glass of milk and baby-back rib. What he discovers are not heartless industrialists, but America’s farmers — real people who, along with him, are grappling with the moral dimensions of farming animals for food.

Learn more about the film here.

Holy Hell (Bayou Radio Productions)

Director: Rafael Antonio Ruiz
Producers: L.B. Bartholomee, Randy Bellous, Jeff Scheftel
Starring: Ken Edwards, Ellie McBride, Kenneth Wayne Bradley

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

(Disinformation Company)
Director: Alex Jones
Starring: Jim Tucker, Daniel Estulin, Alex Jones

The Secret Life of Lance Letscher

The Secret Life of Lance Letscher, directed, produced, and edited by Oscar-nominated® filmmaker Sandra Adair (BOYHOOD, The BEFORE Trilogy), with music by Graham Reynolds, will have its World Premiere in the Documentary Feature Competition of the 2017 SXSW Film Festival.

Now in its 24th year, SXSW will host nine days of screenings in Austin, Texas from March 10 – 18, 2017.

I’ll Come Running (Film Science)

Director: Spencer Parsons
Producers: Lars Knudsen, Anish Savjan, Jay Van Hoy
Starring: Jon Lange, Kjartan Arngrim, Morten Holst

All About Tesla: The Research

(Maxim Film)
Director: Michael Krause
Producer: Peter Roloff

The Honor Farm

The Honor Farm, written/directed/edited by Karen Skloss, will have its 2017 SXSW premiere. For more information please visit this link.

About the film:

When Lucy’s prom night falls apart, she finds herself jumping into a hearse headed for a psychedelic party in the woods. Looking for a thrill, the party wanders deeper into the forest, to a haunted prison work farm. A secret wish and a summoning of the dead sends the group on a mind-bending trip that may be a dangerous trap.


Writer/director/editor Karen Skloss is an award-winning filmmaker with work shown on HBO, in MOMA, in wide theatrical release and in film festivals internationally. She is also the drummer for the band Moving Panoramas. Her feature doc, “Sunshine,” premiered at SXSW and was on Independent Lens. “The Honor Farm” is her first narrative feature as director.


Twitter: @thehonorfarm @karenskloss
Instagram: @thehonorfarmmovie @sunshineskloss

Director: Karen Skloss
Executive Producer: Louis Black, Sandy K. Boone, Nicolas Gonda, Morgan Coy
Producer: David Hartstein
Screenwriter: Karen Skloss
Cinematographer: Matthias Grunsky, bvk
Editor: Mike Saenz, Spencer Parsons
Production Designer: Nazanin Shirazi
Sound Designer: Eric Friend
Music: Graham Reynolds + The Black Angels
Principal Cast: Olivia Applegate, Louis Hunter, Dora Madison, Liam Aiken, Katie Folger, Michael Eric Reid, Will Brittain, Mackenzie Astin, Josephine McAdam, Christina Parrish
Additional Credits: Co-Producer: Jason Wehling, Arts+Labor, Casting: Vicky Boone, Emily Schweber C.S.A., Sound Design: Eric Friend, Co-Writer: Karen Skloss, Jay Tonne Jr.

Gretchen (Film Science)

Director: Steve Collins
Producers: Lars Knudsen, Anish Savjani, Jay Van Hoy
Starring: Courtney Davis, John Merriman, Macon Blair

TerrorStorm: A History of Government-Sponsored Terrorism (Disinformation Company)

Director: Alex Jones
Starring: Alex Jones, Ray McGovern, Cindy Sheehan

My Electric Bill (824 Pictures)

Director: Chris Ohlson
Producer: Chris Ohlson
Starring: Jeffrey Mills

Incendiary: The Willingham Case (Yokel, LLC)

Director: Joe Bailey Jr., Steve Mims
Producer: Reid Nelson

Lonelyland (Sundance Channel)

Director: Steve Collins
Producer: Steve Collins
Starring: John Merriman, Courtney Davis

All Is Bright (GreeneStreet Films)

All Is Bright (GreeneStreet Films)
Director: Phil Morrison
Producers: Daniel Carey, Elizabeth Giamatti, Sidney Kimmel
Starring: Paul Giamatti, Paul Rudd, Sally Hawkins

Before Midnight (Sony Pictures Classics)

33Director: Richard Linklater
Producers: Richard Linklater, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy