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Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of the complete works of Graham Reynolds, ranging from film, theater, dance, and solo albums.


Duke! Three Portraits of Ellington

After several years immersed in Ellington’s canon, Graham has released DUKE! Three Portraits of Ellington, his exploration of America’s greatest composer in three modes: full band, experimental string extracts and remixes combining elements of the first two.

The Golden Arm Trio

Graham’s recording debut with his super-charged performing group The Golden Arm Trio is a constantly morphing trip through hard, beat-driven jazz to experimental sounds to classical lyricism.

Why The Sea Is Salt

Graham’s second full length release is a collection of compositions inspired by the fairy tale of the same name and prominently features The Tosca String Quartet. Named one of the “Best Austin Albums of the Decade” by The Austin Chronicle.

The Tick-Tock Club

The third Golden Arm Trio album The Tick-Tock Club is part movie soundtrack, part crime jazz, part classical tribute, part boisterous rock & roll…interweaving themes and motifs that recur in different guises.

The Difference Engine

In fusing a loose concerto format with the story of Charles Babbage and his invention the difference engine, Reynolds’ composing voice finds itself in a work that is intense and driving, beautiful and intimate, personally expressive and broadly accessible all at the same time.

Before Midnight Soundtrack

The latest soundtrack for Richard Linklater and the last film of the trio that shows the culmination of the years-long attraction between Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) that started with 1995’s Before Sunrise and famously only teased an answer in 2004’s Before Sunset.

Listen to tracks from the soundtrack compliments of Entertainment Weekly HERE.

Bernie Soundtrack

From country to classical to far away lands and everywhere in between, the soundtrack to this Linklater film starring Jack Black reflects both the hilarity and sadness of the storyline.