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Jul 19

Forklift Danceworks

20 dancing trash trucks on the old airport tarmac, 200 two-steppers in front of the state capital and a traffic cop’s daily motions carved into an intimate solo piece. These are some of Graham’s collaborations with Forklift Danceworks and Allison Orr – choreographer and artistic director. Turning everyday movements into art is Orr’s speciality and she’s become a favourite collaborator of Graham’s. Look for pieces with Austin Symphony Orchestra conductor Peter Bay as well as electrical line-men from Austin Energy in the future.

2017 “Served”
2013 “PowerUP”
2012 “Solo Symphony”
2010 “T is For: Two Hundred Two-Steppers on the Steps of the Texas State Capital”
2010 “Traffic Maven”
2009 “The Trash Project”