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Graham has scored a lot of theater but the bulk of it has been with two nationally-recognized companies, the Rude Mechs and Salvage Vanguard Theater. Austin is an extremely active theater town with multiple companies producing shows year-round. Look for Graham’s work with the Rude Mechs as The Method Gun tours the country.


From a sci-fi theremin filled score for Requiem for Tesla to sound design and piano score for the currently touring The Method Gun, Graham has been working with the Rudes for the last decade. Austin’s premiere, internationally-acclaimed company, the Rude Mechs made collaborative work represents Texas theater at top venues and festivals around the world.


In Progress:


“River of Gruel” – Original songs and score, sound design. Directed by Shawn Sides and Jenny Larson. Script by Sibyl Kempson. Produced in collaboration with New Dramatists (NYC), Fusebox Festival, Rude Mechs, Salvage Vanguard Theater, Rubber Repertory and Physical Plant. Work in progress performances at New Dramatists (NYC), Prelude Festival (NYC), Fusebox Festival and The Off-Center.


“Stop Hitting Yourself” – Original songs and score, sound design. Directed by Shawn Sides. Text by Kirk Lynn. Produced by the Rude Mechs at The Off-Center.


As Company Member of The Rude Mechanicals

2007 “The Method Gun” by Kirk Lynn (music and sound design)

2006 “Have You Ever Been Assassinated” by Rebecca Beagle

2004 “Stadium Devildare” by Ruth Margraff

2002 “El Paraiso” by Kirk Lynn

2001 “Requiem for Tesla” by Kirk Lynn

1999 “In the House of the Moles” by Terry Galloway

One of three companies in the country making theatre that matters.
–New York Times