Golden Arm Trio

“It’s highly appropriate that this endeavor gets its name from such an evocative film (The Man With the Golden Arm). With a here-and-there juxtaposition of mood and atmosphere, Austin’s Golden Arm Trio grabs you like a jealous lover in the throes of co-dependency. And you don’t mind one bit. Although the trio designation would lead you to believe otherwise, this forever fluctuating collective is really more of an expansive outlet for vanguard pianist/percussionist Graham Reynolds to explore a variety of musical tangents. Besides Reynolds, the only musician appearing on every song is ace tenor sax player Thad Scott. Jazz is the closest genre you can tie this music to, yet the Trio’s sometimes discordant intensity leans more toward experimental fringe-dwellers like John Cage and Raymond Scott”. – Austin Chronicle

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Salvage Vanguard Theater

Graham has scored a lot of theater but the bulk of it has been with two nationally-recognized companies, the Rude Mechs and Salvage Vanguard Theater. Austin is an extremely active theater town with multiple companies producing shows year-round.

Salvage Vanguard’s resident artist program included a five year stipend and was critical in helping Graham make the transition from part-time to full-time professional composer. The company has produced two of Graham’s chamber operas and he has scored more than a dozen plays for them over the years. The highly successful hit show The Intergalactic Nemesis has toured the world many times over.

Salvage Vanguard Theater based in Austin, TX, is a nonprofit organization that provides accessible, affordable, artistic exchanged between a diverse, inclusive community of artists and audiences through high quality experiences that foster experimentation and generate conversation.

In Progress:

“River of Gruel” – Original songs and score, sound design. Directed by Shawn Sides and Jenny Larson. Script by Sibyl Kempson. Produced in collaboration with New Dramatists (NYC), Fusebox Festival, Rude Mechs, Salvage Vanguard Theater, Rubber Repertory and Physical Plant. Work in progress performances at New Dramatists (NYC), Prelude Festival (NYC), Fusebox Festival and The Off-Center.

Past Productions:

2013 “Invisibile Inc.” – Original Score. Directed by Beth, Script by Paul Menzer. Produced by Hidden Room Theater at the Long Center for the Performing Arts, Austin.

2012 “Toil and Trouble.” – Original Score. Adapted from Shakespeare and directed by Connor Hopkins. Produced by Trouble Puppet Theater at Salvage Vanguard Theater.

2009 “Spacestation 1985” – Original Score. Script by Jeff Mills, Jason Newman, and Brent Werzner. Produced by Flashflood Productions at The Tank, New York City

As Resident Composer At Salvage Vanguard Theater

2011 “Guest by Courtesy.” Original score. Directed by Jenny Larson. Script by Hannah Kennah.

2010 “An Extraordinary Birth of Rabbits” by C. Denby Swanson

2009 “Iphegenia: a Rave Fable” by Caridad Svitch

2007 “Mud” by Caridad Svitch

2005 “Genghis Khan” libretto by Jason Neulander

2004 “Death of a Cat” by C. Denby Swanson

2003 “Sixteen Spells to Charm the Beast” by Lisa D’Amour

2003 “Motherbone” libretto by Karen Hartman, New York workshop presentation a New Dramatists

2002 “Intergalactic Nemesis: Twin Infinity” by Ray Colgan, Jason Neulander and Chad Nichols

2001 “Wallpaper Psalm” by Ruth Margraff, 2001 (Winner: Best Musical Direction, Austin Critics Table Awards)

2001 “Return of the Intergalatic Nemesis” by Jason Neulander and Ray Colgan

2000 “American Demons” a collaborative work

2000 “The Intergalatic Nemesis” by Ray Colgan, Jessica Reisman and Jason Neulander

1999 “Venus” by Susan Lori-Parks

1999 “The Cry Pitch Carrolls” by Ruth Margraff


Golden Hornet

Golden Hornet Project, Inc. (now known as Golden Hornet) is an Austin, Texas based 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 1999 by composer-bandleaders Graham Reynolds and Peter Stopchinski. Golden Hornet has premiered over 70 works by more than 60 composers rooted in wildly different musical backgrounds, with a special focus on composers who also play in bands. In 1999 this independent classical movement barely existed. Now it’s thriving in cities around the world.


As part of the movement to reinvigorate new classical music for the 21st century, Golden Hornet seeks to combine the best rock music practices with the best of the traditional concert hall through fostering composers, commissioning new music and presenting works in concert.


Core Staff

Artistic Director – Graham Reynolds
Executive Director – David Lobel
Managing Director – Cassie Shankman

Board of Directors

Board President & Treasurer – Blake Trabulsi
Artistic Director & Board Secretary – Ron Berry (of Fusebox Festival)
Student Board & Representative – Noah Simon
Executive Director – Ann Hume-Wilson (of KMFA)
Board Member – Tim League (Founder and Owner of Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas)
Board Member – Josh Robbins (Co-founder and Bandleader of Invincible Czars)
Board Member – Kathyrn Blackbird
Board Member – Adrian Quesada (Producer-Musician, Brownout, Grupo Fantasma)
Board Member – Madge Darlington (Co-producing Artistic Director of Rude Mechs)

Advisory Board

Graham Williams (Owner-Partner of Transmission Entertainment), Eugene Sepulveda, Peter Bay, Cookie Ruiz, Michelle Schumann

Golden Hornet Project is supported and funded in part by the City of Austin Economic Development Department, Cultural Arts Division.

The ambition and invention of instigators Graham Reynolds and Peter Stopschinski range from symphonies, soundtracks, to improvised superrock. Their recordings are a catalog of their adventures crossbreeding classical futurism and punk esprit.
–Rolling Stone